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10 hours driving time to and from + 9 unexpected "oh lets see that" stops + 8 hours wine tasting + 7 hours total sleep + 6 townships + 5-star dining + 4 literal "Wow's" + 3 botanical gardens + 2 happy parental units, 1 amazing trip = priceless

Done now... pushing the stop button.


I can haz HOLIDAZE! I'm off.... Wonderful 4th of July to all! Wonderful WAR to those whom are going. Miss everyone!


The Hostess with the Mostess...

I intend to be a good little tour guide this weekend. T'will be fun! I am looking forward to the escapism of it all. SOOOOOO gonna be a good thing to have Friday off! Let's see just how many different wine joints we can visit in three days!


Me tired. Bugger. I am currently cranking out 5 pages a day for the catalog. Again, Me tired. Feck. AND to top that off I get a "cheerleader" speech today... "we are just worried about the production rate. You can come in an work overtime."

Main problem... design work has been done well enough there is now MORE room in the catalog (okay I call it white-space, an area for the eye to rest.... THEY call it "blank" space that needs an image in it, something to sell.) More room in the catalog means more stuff THEY have wanted to include in the past catalog that didn't get put in is now being added in. i.e. Good Design + white space = MAJOR redesign number 5, and counting.) Bugger and Feck.

I have explained twice now that EACH major redesign means the print date gets moved back. Which has been met by the answer "No... we will still be printing it on X date."

Doooooood... you's just not gettin' it. I am only one person. Yes I can work miracle's but even the EARTH friggin' took some time to get right. Feck.

Good thing - My ad for the company is in several national trade magazines. That is cool in my book, seeing it "for real in print" and all. Having a hard time reading PCT (Pest Control Technology) though, this month's issue focus is "bed bugs".... sheesh.

Gonna go read something light... The Prince is waiting.



I Lurvs Pixar studios!

FRIGGIN' HIGHLARIOUS in one of the most brain-centric ways imaginable!

Just-go-see-for-yourself! S'all I'm sayin'!


Now that was fun...

Plan changed today... Sister asked me to go car shopping with her (the lease is almost up on her Tahoe) and frankly she didn't want to do it alone (don't blame her, 'tisn't one of the best things to do alone really). Wasn't in my original game plan of things to do today, and I was a little surprised she wanted my opinion...

So we put on our game-faces and test driving began... with three BMW's, one Volvo and one Mercedes. (Mixed up, not in that order).

Absolute BEST car driven/ridden in today by far, the 2009 BMW 335xi Sedan. Damn sexy car, damn sexy ride, (okay so the push-button no-key thing is something to get used to... and for that matter so is the finger-manual-drive... whew... let's just day DIFFERENT!) Trunk is big enough to haul a small cow, and the interior.... SUPER sweet! Mileage would be better than her Tahoe (with the added bonus of a smaller tank) though not as good as my HHR. (Really, I researched that one... one of the reasons I bought it).

So I believe the choice has been made... who know's she could change her mind next week. But for now a 335xi it is. AND the bonus for me, I actually had fun shopping for a car! It wasn't the HORRIBLE experience we were both expecting at all (since car sales are down and gas prices are up... well, just color me surprised at their sales tactics (not stupid at BMW their not).

Back to your regular scheduled LJ...
In honor of England... fair land of my ancestors
and the accord reached and signed with the Ottoman Empire
in the 1580's (when the following was also written).

When I was fair and young, and favour graced me,
Of many I was sought their mistress for to be.
But I did scorn them all, and answered them therefore,
"Go, go, seek some otherwhere, Importune me not more."

How many weeping eyes I made to pine with woe,
How many sighing hearts I have no skill to show.
Yet I the prouder grew, and answered them therefore,
"Go, go, seek some otherwhere, Importune me no more."

The spake fair Venus' son, that proud victorious boy,
And said, "Fine dame, since that you be so coy,
I will so pluck your plumes that you shall say no more
"Go, go, seek some otherwhere, Importune me no more."

When he had spake those words, such charge grew in my breast
That neither night nore day since that, I could take any rest.
Then lo, I did repent that I had said before,
"Go, go, seek some otherwhere, Importune me no more."

Elizabeth, Queen of England


However I would not get chopped in half... *EVIL GRIN*


Feck.... Feck, feck F*E*C*K*.... bugger blimp, and cuddlebuns. FECK! Bugger, bugger bugger bugger bugger and FECK! Taking my ball and going home.

Meme...eries (gacked from parlor_games)

Rules: Post 3 things you've done that you believe nobody else on your F-list has done. (Indulge in remorse if someone calls you out on a listed item.)

1. Eons ago I dated a Viking... a real one. O'kay so it was FOOTBALL (and I learned my lesson there, don't date in the "built like boulder" gene-pool, 'cause they like to "pick-up" their girlfriends and carry them around).

2. Spent some fabulous quality time (in the mid-80's) drinking/smoking the night away with this woman at a club in London called "Butterfly". The club was a "members only" (extremely she-she) thing so I get to thank my ex-Charles for that exposure. Those were the dark-deadly days of being a trophy-girlfriend. *ask me if you want that one explained* Oh... and that evening was our third "date" in three days.

3. Spent some fantastic moments dancing with these men, drinking the night away. Same night as the Annie thing actually. The guys saw her in my booth talking with me while Charles was getting drinks. Charles and his friends were drop-mouthed when they all came back to sit down and there was NO room to be had. *grin* *small pout* Still miss Michael tho...


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